Open Facades

Redesigning your city

Bayards Build specializes in round, curved, twisted and open facades, including facade systems for parking garages. These systems often consist of curtain walls or system profiles. Basically all our facade systems are made of aluminium, but other materials such as glass, composite and Plexiglas can also be seamlessly integrated into these architectural solutions. By combining different materials, we are able to create innovative, functional and aesthetic solutions for our customers.

1. Car park Amphia hospital, Breda

This parking garage of the Amphia Hospital in Breda is clad with modularly constructed aluminium facade elements. Although the design looks complex, the secret behind this stylish facade is just one triangular element. These 5300 x 3000 mm triangular facade elements are anodized in...

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2. Car park Reinier de graaf hospital, Delft

The Continental Car Parks parking garage at the Reinier de Graaf hospital in Delft is a true first in the Netherlands. MH1 architects designed this unique façade and Bayards Build supplied the facade elements on behalf of Aan de Stegge Twello. The facade of the parking garage consists...

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3. P&R transferium, Barneveld

Bayards Build was commissioned by the municipality of Barneveld and Heijlijgers Projectontwikkeling to provide this eye-catcher for the P&R Transferium in Barneveld. Although it may not seem so at first glance, this wUrck - RHDHV designed facade is a complex one. The facade consists of 170...

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4. P&R transferium, Elst

This iconic facade of the P&R garage at the station in Elst was designed by MH1 Architects. Bayards Build manufactured and assembled this so-called slat facade on behalf of and in collaboration with Aan de...

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5. Laan van spartaan, Amsterdam

Bayards Build supplied this striking coulisse noise barrier for several Amsterdam apartment buildings on the Laan van Spartaan for UBA Bouw. The vertical slats not only absorb traffic noise, but also serve as a separation on the balconies. The sound-absorbing slats run across all floors in a...

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6. Bicycle parking, train-station Haarlem

This bicycle parking facility at Haarlem Central Station not only stands out because of its size - it can accommodate no less than 1700 bicycles - but it also catches the eye because of its unique and innovative design in aluminium. For this project we worked with architect wUrck to create...

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7. Car park Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale

For this unique parking garage in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Bayards Build supplied the curved aluminium profiles of the facade cladding varying in dimensions of 250 x 100 mm wide and 6 to 11.3 meters long. The special feature of this open facade system is that it has integrated colored LED...

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8. Car park AEGON, Den Haag

The new Aegon car park in The Hague was fitted with vertical aluminium strips in the same style and color of the adjacent office. Thanks to the transparency of the facade system, a large variety of plants grow in and on the facade, making the building seamlessly blend in with its surroundings:...

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9. Royal Welsh bridge, Den Bosch

The Royal Welsh railway bridge in Den Bosch is not only an important infrastructural junction, but it also marks an important event in the history of Den Bosch. The bridge - also known as "De Netkous" (the fishnets) - commemorates the 146 soldiers of the 53rd...

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