Noise barriers

light and strong, safe and sound

We have been designing, engineering, manufacturing and installing noise barriers for more than 30 years, from standard to design screens both sound-reflecting and sound-absorbing. Both types of noise barriers are used to minimize noise pollution from highways and railways. The difference between the two types is the way in which they eliminate this noise. A sound-reflecting screen reflects the sound waves where a sound-absorbing screen absorbs them completely.


In principle, all our noise barriers are made of aluminium, but other materials such as glass, acrylic and RMP can also be seamlessly integrated into our designs. We have even developed a noise barrier that simultaneously minimizes noise pollution while generating solar energy!

1. Noise barrier A27-A1, Hilversum-Utrecht

The noise barrier that we installed at the Eemnes junction, the 3Angle - A27-A1, is a collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. For this project, we delivered a large number of transparent noise barrier elements for the modular system. The clear...

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2. Noise barrier - A50 Solar Highways, Uden

The so-called Solar Highways that we installed along the A50 at Uden is one of our most innovative sound-reflecting designs to date. We delivered this unique, sustainable noise barrier for Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, together with Heijmans, Scheuten...

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3. Noise barrier A1 en A10-Oost SAA, Diemen

This noise barrier on the A1 and A10 East in Diemen, part of the Schiphol-Amsterdam-Almere road extension, consists of more than 16,000 m² of transparent and 10,000 m² of sound-absorbing elements prefabricated by Bayards Build. The noise barrier features 158 different element...

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4. Noise barrier spoorweg, OV-SAAL Almere

Commissioned by BAM OSGA, we delivered this noise barrier for OVSAAL - OSGA: Public Transport Schiphol, Amsterdam, Almere, Lelystad together with ProRail. The modular, powder-coated screen covers 30.00m² and consists of 174 different element variations. Although the original design...

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5. Noise barrier Sound of Silence, Eindhoven

Ons geluidsscherm langs de A2 is een project dat functionaliteit en esthetiek op een ingenieuze wijze met elkaar combineert. Het ontwerp van wUrck - RHDHV beslaat ruim 20.000 m² over 4 kilometer lengte en bestaat uit 33.000 geëxtrudeerde en geperforeerde aluminium buizen in aluminium...

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6. Noise barrier A2, Maarssen

Commissioned by Ballast Nedam, Aletta van Aalst & Partners designed this technically unique and 100% recyclable noise barrier along the A2 motorway in Maarssen. The 17,242 m² screen consists of aluminium panels with laminated glass in which a screen print with a blue swan motif is...

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7. Noise barrier rail Hanzelijn, Dronten t/m Hattem

This special modular screen along the Hanzelijn railway consists of transparent, retro-reflective elements in which 10 artworks have been incorporated. The stylish, powder-coated and anodized elements of this noise barrier that runs from Dronten to Hattem give the Hanzelijn railway its...

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8. Noise barrier A10 West Coentunnel, Amsterdam

In 2012, on behalf of Redubel-Dura Vermeer, we delivered this 45,000m² transparent noise barrier for the A10 Coentunnel route in Amsterdam. The prefabricated elements of the Rijkswaterstaat design consist of natural anodized aluminium construction profiles with a so-called lock system...

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9. Noise barrier A1/A6 | Diemen-Almere

We delivered this screen for Holland Scherm in 2016, based on a design by Zwarts & Jansma Architecten B.V. The reason for placing this noise barrier was the A1 / A6 between the Diemen, Muiderberg junctions and the Almere Havendreef connection. Although the extra lanes ensure a better flow...

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