Bridge Deck Replacements

One of the biggest challenges in replacing bridge decks is finding a better solution than the original concept that is perfectly aligned with the existing construction as well. Finding a complete and sustainable solution therefore requires a technical, innovative approach. Over the years we have replaced various bridges and bridge decks in the Netherlands, Norway, England and America. These projects varied from designing and building complete structures to replacing parts of bridge decks. Whether it is a complete bridge or a (part of a) bridge deck, all Bayards Build solutions are designed, built and installed according to the highest quality standards and the latest international safety regulations. We do this entirely in accordance with the wishes and requirements of our clients, which makes us the preferred partner for advanced, sustainable bridge solutions.

1. Bridge deck replacement, Kentucky

In 2008 we replaced the concrete bridge deck of the fixed bridge over Howard Creek in Clark County, Kentucky with an aluminium bridge deck including wear layer. The aluminium bridge sections of 2 meters wide were assembled on site and connected to the existing substructure using special...

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2. Bridge deck replacement Haringvlietbrug

In 2004 Bayards Build replaced the bridge deck of the moving part of the Haringvliet Bridge with aluminium panels including a wear layer. Thanks to the minimal maintenance nature of the material, the Haringvliet Bridge is not only up-to-date, but also futureproof!

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3. Bridge deck replacement Grevelingenbrug

In 2006 Bayards Build engineered and manufactured the new bridge decks for the Grevelingen Bridge in Bruinisse. All existing bridge decks were replaced by aluminium bridge decks to both extend the life cycle of the bridge and significantly reduce the maintenance costs.

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4. Bridge deck replacement Bovenoverbrug, Lelystad

In 2008 we replaced the old concrete deck of the Bovenover bridge in Lelystad with a new, aluminium bridge deck. This new bridge deck is not only lighter than the original bridge deck, but also many times more maintenance-friendly.

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5. Bridge deck replacement Strandbrug, Lelystad

This cycle and pedestrian bridge in Lelystad of 74 meters long and 5.5 meters wide, originally had a wooden bridge deck. We replaced this bridge deck in 2012 with two prefabricated aluminium bridge decks with a wear layer, each in a different color. These decks have a very long life cycle....

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6. Bridge deck replacement Maarsserbrug, Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal

We provided the Maarsser Bridge with an aluminium bridge deck, by replacing the narrow concrete cycle lane with a wider aluminium deck, which can also be used by the emergency services. The new, wider deck could be installed without modifications to the existing substructure, since the...

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