Our Speciality



In our work we use different bending and twisting techniques to create the most innovative solutions in aluminium that really add something to their environment. These bending and twisting processes are fully computer-controlled. In addition to aluminium, we also bend other materials such as acrylics. This enables us to combine different materials into a unique final product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Bending is our craft. That is what Bayards Build is all about. Whether it is an open facade, a bridge or a piece of urban furniture, all our solutions in aluminium have a bent component. From standard radius to basket, ellipse, freeform or 3D bending work, the sky is the limit. And thanks to our experienced bending specialists and in-house machinery we always know how to create the ultimate, bent solution for our customers.


Whether it is aluminium or another material, thin-walled or thick-walled: Bayards Build is always able to create the ultimate, bent product. For example, we bend acrylic > 10 mm and our facilities are also suitable for bending large extruded or cast acrylic sheets up to 8000 x 2500 mm. In addition, it is also possible to bend acrylic sheets up to 6,000 mm long.

Bayards Build has more than
56 years of experience in bending aluminium