Skypanel Ombrae

Skypanel Ombrae

Bayards Build is proud to present Skypanel Ombrae to the European market. We are launching this open facade innovation in partnership with ASAŞ and in collaboration with Roderick Quin, CEO of Ombrea Studios.

Ombrae, taken from Latin, means “Many Shadows’’ and is the creation of inventor Roderick Quin. Combining art and science, Skypanel Ombrae brings a whole new dimension to buildings’ exterior designs by creating a three-dimensional effect on planar surfaces through the use of pixels. These pixels allow architects to create any desirable image on the panel’s surface, based on the reflection of the various shades of natural or artificial light. The 3D pixels are created by digital processing and manufactured by using modern machine tooling technology.

Skypanel Ombrae seamlessly combines form and functions such as controlled transparency, shading (for energy efficiency) and controlled ventilation in one product. The product offers a platform for architects and designers, as it encourages them to use their creativity while simultaneously complementing the natural and urban environment. The Skypanel Ombrea innovation offers a lot of new opportunities for the built environment.


The benefits of Skypanel Ombrae

- Unlimited designs 

- Controlled shading & ventilation

- Quick and easy installation

- Easy to maintain

- Sustainable solution


Ombrae sample collection


Project example images: